10 G's

Introducing a meticulously crafted cannabis flower that offers a unique blend of strains. By mixing the stellar qualities of both Jetfuel Gelato and Gastropop strains, we’ve created a flower that offers a sensory experience that eclipses the ordinary. 10 G’s is more than just a cannabis strain - it’s an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of your mind. Brace yourself and blast off into a mind-blowing fusion of fragrances where fuel, grape, and the essence of our home planet collide in an intergalactic symphony. When you’re looking to elevate your senses or ignite your imagination, 10 G’s will launch your perception into new celestial heights.


A fusion of legendary strains that showcase an explosion of terpene goodness and robust cannabinoid levels, this bud takes bag appeal to another galaxy. Brace yourself for a visually stunning flower that sets the gold standard for craft cannabis, delivering an aroma that’s out of this world. Picture notes of spice, pepper, and a burst of citrus that’s like stepping into a space immersed in your favourite zesty lemon mist. This strain offers a sense of euphoria yet relaxation, all while keeping your mind sharp and focused. It’s perfect for those moments you want to elevate your creativity, or unwind after a long day, drifting into the universe of high quality craft


Transport yourself to a new dimension of cannabis enjoyment with Gastropop. Feel yourself float in zero-gravity as the meteoric euphoria washes over you. Gastropop is your cosmic co-pilot on the voyage of flavor exploration, cinematic wonderment, and interstellar camaraderie – a versatile ally for both sunlit and starry escapades. Expect an aroma of sweet grapes at the gravitational center, surrounded by a galaxy of zesty sour citrus, tangy apples and the fiery allure of diesel, creating an aromatic experience that transcends the boundaries of your senses.  

Each mission to space is recognized by the design of a mission patch, and at Rocket Factory we recognize each strain by designing a mission patch to go with it.