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Potency: Very Strong
THC: 24.00 – 30.00%
CBD: 0.00 – 2.00%
Terpenes: Linalool, beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, alpha-Bisabolol
Plant Type: Hybrid (White Runtz x Pavé)
Craft: Yes
Growing Province: Ontario
Growing Region: Chatham, Ontario’s Banana Belt
Grow Method: Indoor
Grow Medium: Rockwool
Grow Room Lighting: LED
Drying Method: Hang Dry, Whole Plant
Trimming Method: Hand Trimmed

A fusion of legendary strains that showcase an explosion of terpene goodness and robust cannabinoid levels, this bud takes bag appeal to another galaxy. Brace yourself for a visually stunning flower that sets the gold standard for craft cannabis, delivering an aroma that’s out of this world. Picture notes of spice, pepper, and a burst of citrus that’s like stepping into a space immersed in your favourite zesty lemon mist. This strain offers a sense of euphoria yet relaxation, all while keeping your mind sharp and focused. It’s perfect for those moments you want to elevate your creativity, or unwind after a long day, drifting into the universe of high quality craft cannabis.

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